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signature kitchens & baths, winter 2012. a chef's sanctuary

winter 2012/2013 spread

With a passion for cooking and entertaining, this gastronomically inclined homeowner knew there was a lot about her existing kitchen that she loved, such as the current dimensions, but she wanted to infuse additional functionality into the space. To achieve this, Alex Marske of AIM Kitchen and Bath proposed a gentle kitchen facelift rather than a more intrusive gutting.

To create the feel of a larger space while still maintaining the original dimensions, Marske relocated the pantry, which was originally to the right of the range, to the left of the fridge, thereby creating more countertop space with the countertops completed in an antique finish. Utilizing both function and form, Marske added a 36-inch cutting board roll-out in the base cabinet to the right of the range. This pull-out design helps keep the kitchen work area divided from the rest of the kitchen, addressing the homeowner's complaint that the prep area became too crowded when entertaining.

The inspired design of the knife-shaped countertop is a small but treasured detail that emphasizes the homeowner's passion for cooking. This, along with the homeowner's existing art that was used as cabinet accents, creates a personal space that the homeowner can truly get lost in.




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