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signature kitchens & baths, summer 2007. granite worth gazing.


To complete the gentle facelift of this Des Moines, Iowa, kitchen, it took none other than the skills of design maestro Fred E. Hulten of AIM Kitchen and Bath. Hulten increased the size of the island to make better use of the room's space and to serve as a more visually appealing element. The double-layer granite island is of glazed furniture style and contains customized accents and accessories catering to the style of the client. Additionally, Hulten rebuilt the oak pantries to maximize space and storage. The combination of new and old cabinetry in painted glaze and traditional oak adds an entirely new dimension to the room. Creating new while preserving old lends the perfect touch of elegance to the culinary space.

Another beautiful characteristic of this kitchen is present in the marble inlay backsplash composed of imported materials. At the homeowners' request, Hulten also incorporated a desk center, which provides a stunning functional element. For the small family who hosts guests frequently, the features of this renovated kitchen work hand in hand with their lifestyle. The final look is a custom-built creation with which the clients were thrilled.


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