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• What is the best way to get an estimate?
Give us a call to set up your free in home consultation. Anyone that answers the phone can make an appointment.

• How much does it cost to remodel?
Prices vary from a minor facelift to major construction such as a complete kitchen remodel or just some new counter tops and hardware.

• Is there a lot of dust during remodeling?
There will be dust but we mask rooms off to keep the dust confined and we use dust collection systems.

• How long does a remodel take?
The average complete bath takes 6-7 working days. More complex baths can take 15-18 working days. The average kitchen can take 10-20 days depending on materials chosen. More complex kitchens can take longer.

• What is the SEN Design Group?
The SEN Design Group is a growing, national organization of independent Kitchen and Bath Professionals dedicated to providing the best investment value to their clients both in products and services. They have several schools a year keep staff up to date on the latest products, design, and business practices.

• How does scheduling work?
There are many moving parts to a schedule but we take jobs on a first come first served basis. Having your deposit in and contract signed will ensure a customer will stay in their spot in line.

• What is done with my deposit if you can't do the project for 6 months?
When we receive your deposit we will purchase your materials and store them in our warehouse until we are ready to start your project. At your request we can deliver them to your house if you prefer and have the space for your materials.



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